Programs Tailored for All of Your Needs 

Lessons for all ages, Adults too!

  Instrumental Lessons    

Learners of all ages may participate in private instrumental lessons. Focused skill enhancement includes technique, proper embouchure, sight-reading, and audition/performance preparation. Private lessons offered include piano, guitar, and additional instruments.


At the end of a class & lesson series,

performances will be given to share

accomplishments. Industry professionals,

family, and friends are invited to attend.

Smaller performances will be given at the

studio, while larger events will be held in

auditoriums and accommodating venues.   


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  Private Voice Lessons   

Singers from age 8 and up may train privately here at the Academy. Level and intensity of instruction is based on age

and vocal maturity. Lessons include work on posture, breathing, vocal placement, diction, and sight-reading skills.

Students will prepare a repertoire book for auditions and performance.

Please note: Due to our current COVID restrictions, Art and Performance classes are currently unavailable.

  Performance Classes  

Musical Theater Class

When: Saturdays starting October! (9 classes total)


For: Grades K-4

Cost: $250

Registration Fee: $25

This Fall, our instructors at Standing Ovation are very excited to introduce to you our weekly performance program for young aspiring singers, actors, and performers! This class is  specifically geared towards performing artists who are looking to improve individual and group performance techniques. What to expect: our class includes group performance sessions and individually designated roles and solos facilitated by our professional musical theater director and vocal coach, Brittany. At the close of our 10 week intensive program, all participants will perform for friends and family at our December Recital! Class space is limited. All who are new and experienced in singing are welcome to attend!


  Art Classes   

Private Art Lessons Available!

Art Classes



Thursdays 4:00-5:15

For: All ages

Cost: $30/class

Students will learn technical skills in the field of art. Each week, a new skill will be learned, and artwork will be presented and hung for an art show at the end of the class series. Classes include foundations of art & drawing for kids, rainbow loom character making, & canvas painting. (1 hour 15 minutes)